How do I order? Review one of our three meal plan subscriptions: Fit, Paleo or Vegetarian, or create your own Custom meal. Make your selection and fill out the online form.

Is there a cutoff time? Yes, we take all orders by Friday at 12pm for the following Monday/Wednesday deliveries.

Can I change my order? Yes, as long as it is within our cutoff guideline which is Friday at 12 pm for the following Monday/Wednesday deliveries.

Is there a minimum on how many meals to order? This depends on which meal plan you select. The Fit, Paleo and Vegetarian meal plan ongoing subscriptions have set weekly menus where you choose either 10 meals per week or 15 meals per week. Whereas the Custom meal plan has no minimum or maximum amount of meals needed to place an order and but must be re-ordered each week by Friday at noon prior to the following week..

Can I cancel my subscription or put it on hold? You can cancel at anytime via email or phone call as long as it is before Friday 12pm to cancel the following Monday/Wednesday orders. You can put your subscription on hold as long as it is before Friday 12pm for the following week.

Can I order food for family/friends? Here at Farm to Fork Meals we think giving food is the greatest gift to receive! We are more then happy to accommodate any and all requests to feed your family and friends for you!


What is the delivery fee? There is a $5.00 fee per delivery.

What is our delivery range? We deliver to all of Broward County, and parts of Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties. When you check out you’ll be asked to place your delivery zip code and we will inform you then whether you are in our delivery zone or not.

What time will my delivery arrive? For our Fit, Paleo and Vegetarian meal plans we deliver between 4am-7am on Monday and Wednesday. For our Custom meal plan we deliver between 2pm-6pm on Monday and Wednesday.

Do I need to be home for my delivery? No. We will drop off your meals in an insulated bag with ice packs and reheating instructions.

What do I do with my bag and icepacks? We ask that you please leave your used insulated bag and icepack outside your home for us to pickup upon delivery of your next order.

Can you delivery elsewhere besides my home? Yes. We will deliver your food wherever you are, as long as you are within the guidelines of our delivery range. (see above for delivery range information.


How do I reheat my meals? We here at Farm to Fork Meals thoroughly believe that food gets reheated at a much higher quality in the oven then your microwave. That is why we specially designed packaging that is geared towards oven use. You simply remove the paper description label from the packaging and place the entire package (plastic and all) in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. However if you are in a pinch and need to use the microwave simple remove the paper description label and vent the plastic covering (either by tearing up a corner or poking a few holes in the plastic) microwave on high for 2 minutes.

Is the nutritional value labeled on our meals? Yes. For our Custom meal plan nutritional value is available upon request. 

How long do the meals last and can I freeze them? Typically your meal should last 4-5 days in the refrigerator and can be frozen within that time frame for up to a month.